You have just been to the grocery store and you have a double arm full of groceries in your hands. You approach your front door only to realize that you are now going to have to set your double arm load of provisions on the wet dirty ground while you fish your keys out of your pocket.

That is no longer a scenario that need be repeated if you've got Lockitron. This incredible bit of technology has been on the market for about a year but now has been made even better.

Lockitron allows you to lock or unlock any door in your home from anywhere in the world. If you are a parent and are concerned that the kids don't have a key to get in the house you can open the door. If you have guests that are arriving before you get home from work or that need to  leave after you have already left for the office, Lockitron takes care of the issue for you.

Now about that double handful of groceries and fishing for your keys scenario I described earlier, thanks to Bluetooth technology Lockitron can unlock your door as you approach. Letting you in the house hands free with no need for keys.

I was very impressed. Now if they could just invent a way to make grocery shopping easier. Watch this short video and you will probably be screaming, "Take My Money" too!