A few months ago we were very honored to bring you the story of Elijah Evans. Elijah was the recipient of the Prudential Spirit of Community Award for the State of Louisiana . He was also honored on the national level as at Top 10 Youth Volunteer. This was all because of his work through an organization he founded called "No Use For Abuse".

The organization was born out of Elijah's own experiences as a child in foster care. His dream was to organize a party for kids that had suffered abuse or were involved in the foster care program. His Ohana Bash, Ohana means family-no one left behind, is set for this Saturday and he needs your help.

Elijah reached out to me, to reach out to you. Here is how you and I can help. No Use For Abuse needs donations:

*Hot Dogs
*Chips, Cookies, Brownies, etc....
*School Supplies of all sort
*Book Sacks (we would like each child to leave with a book sack filled with supplies)
*Fun Activities (sport games, face painting, outdoor games, fun jumps, etc....)
*Door Prizes (items geared toward school or self empowerment)
*Monetary Donations

You may make those donations by contacting Elijah at 337-271-2765 or by contacting Lynore Harding at 337-251-1321. You may also contact the organization by using this email address, nouseforabuse2012@gmail.com

No Use For Abuse Purpose is to empower and give hope to the lives of children that have been victims of child abuse. To educate the community about child abuse and provide ways to prevent child abuse. No Use For Abuse vision is to empower and educate child abuse survivors who have been abandoned, through positive thinking and communication. The organization's goal is not only to be a life saver, but to be a life changer to all child abuse survivors.


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