For a lot of men this story is no big deal, for a lot of women the eeeeewwwwww factor is incredible. I think most guys probably will wear a pair of jeans at least a couple of times without washing them. Not work pants, you know, going out and sitting around pants. Still a year and three months in the same jeans without washing. That makes the show on Travel Channel where the guy eats pig anus almost bearable!

He said he used paper towels and napkins to dab away food spills and maintained his normal personal hygiene routine during the 15 months. Every two weeks, he said he put the jeans in a freezer overnight and there never was a trace of odor.

So tell me true, what is the longest you've gone in a pair of pants without washing them? I had a pair of running sweats that Jill made me keep outside they stank so bad, I would wash them once a week. I know I am gross, I am a guy it's in my DNA.

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