If you've been on edge about the coronavirus pandemic, the elections, and hurricanes in Louisiana, you're not alone. But the thing that most stresses citizens of the Bayou State out might very well be something that all of us and love and cherish. Mardi Gras. Whether you actually enjoy the festivities, or like to sit them out, you no doubt know the historic and economic impact this holiday has on our state. And we'd be lying if we said that we've been wondering for months whether it's actually going to happen next year.

Well, New Orleans mayor LaToya Cantrell has asked the captains of the Mardi Gras krewes to give her their 'Drop Dead" dates for Carnival next year. That is, the absolute last date to decide whether to go forward with balls, parades, and other Mardi Gras activities that take so much advance planning. NOLA.com spoke to several captains of famous krewes, who indicated that early December would be the absolute latest date for their organizations to plan parties, parades, and the monetary needs to go forward with Carnival season 2021.Not to mention the fact that out of towners also need advance notice on whether the popular events will actually take place. Hotel rooms, airline tickets, and budgets for vacation all are factors for coming to the city for the fun.

Krewe captains from Rex and Krewe of Freret said they appreciated that the mayor valued their input on the situation, even though the city has not formally said whether Mardi Gras parades will be permitted for the upcoming season yet. We're crossing our fingers that things will get better before Carnival kicks off on Twelth Night 2021, which is January 5th. Mardi Gras day is Tuesday, February 16th. Read more about the mayor's request from NOLA.com.



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