We are a state that loves to celebrate. And it pretty much doesn't matter what it is. We have over 400 festivals a year, and that doesn't even begin to count the numerous Mardi Gras parties and festivities. And one of the newest groups to be formed is the Mystic Krewe of Conus, an ode to the humble traffic cones that are seemingly everywhere in the Crescent City.

The carnival marching group will hold their debut event on Monday, July 5th in the French Quarter, and all are invited to attend the costumed pub crawl and litter pick up. According to NOLA.com The Krewe of Conus was "inspired by pranksters who placed an eye-catching, 8-foot-tall replica of a hazard cone in a muffler-scraping depression on Washington Avenue back in April." And they are certainly doing the most New Orleans thing ever by forming a krewe to celebrate it. You can see a video from the cone fans at NOLA.com below

John Traynor, Krewe of Conus president and director, tells NOLA.com that their debut procession will start at 10:00 AM Monday when members gather ahead of the pub crawl on the banks of the Mississippi River near the Aquarium of the Americas to sip libations and pick up trash as a public service. The event itself will last about two hours, and if you want to participate, you are welcome to. If you would like to apply for their loosely based "membership", you can do that on the Krewe's official website. Sounds like a fun way to spend your 4th of July holiday to me.



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