Notre Dame Softball Head Coach Dale Serie says at the start of the season, the team told him their goal was to break the national home run record. The Lady Pois have just achieved that incredible goal.

Thursday (04/01/21) as Notre Dame played Erath, Abigail Savoy slapped the record setting 83rd home run in the 4th inning that allowed Notre Dame Softball to take the national record from Canyon High School in Texas. Canyon High has held the record of 82 home runs since 2017 according to KATC.


Savoy tells KATC "Once I get into the box I just try to relax and know my body knows how to swing and just find a good pitch to hit."

Congrats to Notre Dame's Lady Pios on setting the home run record. To say we're proud of you is an understatement!

Read more at KATC.

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