If you have been polishing up that telescope you got in high school and waiting for some stunning events to view in the skies, then November is the month for you. According to WWL TV in New Orleans, stargazers have a lot to look forward to in November 2020.

November has always been a prime time to view events in the sky because the nights are longer, and the weather is not nearly as cold as it is in December, January and February. Also, lower humidity will make it much easier to view spectacular astronomical happenings throughout Louisiana.

WWL says we have three pretty amazing astronomy events  to look forward to in November, and they are below. I'm pretty excited about these, and I hope you are too.

  • The Northern Taurid meteor shower. Novemember 11-12. Even though this is classified as a "minor" meteor shower, you can still view up to five meteors per hour. But the potential for extremely bright fireballs is pretty great during the Northern Taurid. There is also a possibility that you could catch some of the action well into the second week of November, and not just on it's peak nights.
  • Leonid meteor shower. November 16-17. You'll be able to view at least 15 shooting stars per hour during the peak hours. And here's a little bit of trivia, five times in the past 200 years this meteor shower has turned into a spectacular meteor storm!
  • Penumbral Lunar eclipse. November 30. As the moon passes through part of the Earth's shadow, people from all over North America will be able to view part of the moon going dark. And portions of South America, Asia, and Australia will be able to see a partial eclipse as well.




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