Denver International Airport security is having a little trouble with a parking lot infestation...of RABBITS! Unfortunately, I'm not sure that they think it's as cute as some of us might. The adorable furry animals have been causing the airport hundreds, even thousands, of dollars in damages chewing on wires under car hoods. Geez!

Who thought such cute little critters could do that much harm?!

Apparently, it isn't abnormal for rabbits to come out in large numbers. Officials have been removing one hundred rabbits from the area for months, but the damages do not stop. According to a spokesperson from a nearby repair center,

"They come to the recently driven cars for warmth, and once they're there, they find that many of the materials used for coating ignition cables are soy-based, and the rabbits find that quite tasty"

As an avid animal lover myself, I just couldn't help but "AWWWWWWWW" when I read about this. They just want a warm bed and some food (in my sweet and gushy voice)! I mean seriously, could you turn away from this adorable face?


I KNOW I COULDN'T!!! Hope y'all enjoyed!

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