Video has gone viral of a stripper performing for residents of a veteran's nursing home and now, spokespeople for the nursing home are attempting to explain their intentions. Meanwhile, many online are reacting to the absurd scene that shows elderly people getting handsy with the performer.

They say that veterans deserve better care...

Twitter via @TMZ
Twitter via @TMZ

Reports say that nursing home administrators are doing their best to explain the situation that has now gotten lots of attention on social media. Apparently, residents of one veteran's nursing home got quite the show after a stripper recently paid them a visit.

Another report says that this happened at The Taoyuan Veterans Home, a state-run facility for retired army personnel in Tawain. The report adds that a spokesperson for the facility says that their intent was to "entertain residents and make them happy", many online are reacting to the video that shows exactly how this performance went down.


At least one resident of the nursing home was able to get up-close and personal during the performance, as the woman dressed up in lingerie did her thing.

The facility now reportedly has admitted that the dancer's performance was "too enthusiastic and fiery". They say that they promise to be "more cautious" next time as they issued an apology.

Stripper Performs at Nursing Home for Wheelchair Bound Veterans


See a video of the performance via TMZ below.

See the full report from @TMZ on Twitter below.

Internet Reacts to Stripper Performing at Veterans Nursing Home

See reactions to the story coming from Twitter below.

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