Louisiana State Police have taken over the investigation of an incident that happened in South Lake Charles near Highland Road on Saturday. In that incident, 35-year-old Michael Torres of Lake Charles was fatally wounded after he allegedly ran toward officers while brandishing a machete.

Deputies were originally dispatched to the scene to serve an arrest warrant for domestic abuse and child endangerment. Upon arrival, deputies were able to secure the child and move the youngster to a safe place away from the residence.

After the child was determined to be in a safe place deputies attempted to execute the warrant. It was during this time the suspect refused to obey officers' commands and according to reports, charged from the residence in the direction of officers while carrying the large knife.

The entire incident was captured on Facebook Live as Torres allegedly set up a camera to record the incident before he left the dwelling to engage the police officers. After failing to comply with officer's commands, non-lethal bean bag rounds were fired at Torres.

Following those rounds, Torres reportedly retreated back into the dwelling and then made a charge at deputies holding the machete. It was at that time the officers responded with deadly force.

The CPSO Deputies involved in this incident have been placed on administrative leave while State Police conduct their investigation into the incident.




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