One of the officers who responded to the crash involving former councilwoman Kayla Menard Reaux has been fired.

Gabrielle Riles News 15, Facebook
Gabrielle Riles News 15, Facebook

Youngsville Officer Involved In Councilwoman Crash Fired

KATC reports that an officer who responded to the crash back in November involving former Youngsville councilwoman Kayla Menard Reaux has been fired.

On April 13, Police Chief Rickey Boudreaux fired Sgt. Justin Ortis with the Youngsville Police Department.

The officer was fired for "allegedly violating departmental policies related to records, cell phone usage, internal investigations, and insubordination" according to KATC.

He is reportedly appealing his termination.

Sgt. Ortis' lawyer Allyson Melancon says the termination is in violation of a Louisiana law that reportedly protects civil service officers.

Staff Photo
Staff Photo

From KATC -

"The Civil Service Board approved the appeal request Wednesday during its regular meeting.

A date for the appeal hearing has not yet been set, the Advocate reports."

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