Louisiana has always been steamy in the summer. Not just hot, but scorching hot. So what bonehead in the Department of Motor Vehicles thought it was ok to use inferior glue on our statewide inspection stickers? Because we have been dealing with this problem now for years, and I am frankly tired of continually getting my sticker replaced! Somebody clearly dropped the ball on this one.

But, as of this week, according to Louisiana Office of Motor Vehicles Commissioner Karen St. Germain, it will be OK to actually use tape to keep those stickers on. Evidentially the dept has been so completely overwhelmed with requests for replacements that they are saying just use clear packing tape for now. From WAFB: St Germain says 'We will be notifying law enforcement all across the state that taping the stickers to the windshield is approved for now'. Stay tuned, y'all.

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