The National Flood Insurance Program has released information today about the reasons why people should purchase flood insurance to protect their property.

One statistic that is of particular note, according to their press release, is that thirty-five percent of flood claims for 2020 were in areas that are categorized as moderate/low-risk when it comes to designations for flood zones. Most people think they are covered by their homeowners policy, but those policies do not cover flooding.

Depending on where you live or own property, you may be required to buy flood insurance, but in those other areas, it is optional.

NFIP officials say that there are Preferred Risk Policies that are for more cost-effective for people in the moderate/low-risk categories. They also want to remind renters that you need to have a separate insurance policy that will pay for flood damage to your belongings if the they place you are renting floods. Most renter's policies will not cover your items in a flooding incident.

Louisiana had to deal with hurricanes Laura, Delta and Zeta last year. Property owners in the southwestern portion of the state ended up being the hardest hit with some of them receiving damage to the homes and/or businesses from both Laura and Delta.

You can buy various levels of coverage for your home up to $250,000, and up to $100,000 for the contents of your home. If you rent, you can purchase up to $100,000 to cover any loses you may have if there is a flood. The amount of flood insurance you can buy for non-residential is $500,000 both the building itself and the same additional amount for the contents.

You can find out more about the program by clicking here. You can also call your insurance agent for information.




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