As children, we knew in our tiny little brains what we were going to be when we became adults. For boys it was usually a policeman or firefighter. For girls, it was either a princess or fairy. Little did we know that life tends to get a little more complicated than that.

By the time we finish high school, some of us have no idea what the next step is career wise. I can honestly say that when I started college, I went in as a psychology major. Two weeks in I changed my major to Public Relations. I was all over the place.

This would have been the prime time for me to discover this great online questionnaire.

This website is from the Department of Labor and it offers you the opportunity to answer a few questions about your personal likes and dislikes and what you are comfortable doing. It then shows you what your strongest characteristics are and lists the jobs that would best fit you.

I took the questionnaire and my results said that I should either be an actor or a singer. Boy

Tracy Whiteside/ThinkStock
Tracy Whiteside/ThinkStock

was I off in my initial choice of college majors. However, the survey hit the nail on the head. I have done plenty of acting in my life and I adore singing. I had a feeling going into this that it was going to be another one of those fluke quizzes that gives some crazy answer that doesn't sound anything like you. I was wrong. Bruce took the quiz as well and it told him that he should be a radio personality (I honestly have no idea why...).

Even if you have already graduated high school and college and started a family, if you are unsure that your current job is for you, take a look at the questionnaire. You could be working a desk job and are meant to create the next great screenplay of all time. You never know what your results could be. See what your dream career is today! I'm off to become the next Miranda Lambert.

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