An act of God, a tragic accident, an unspeakable incident that defies the use of the word "Why". Thoughts like those are bound to be bouncing around the hearts, souls, and minds of anyone who was touched by what happened in Opelousas on Sunday.

A strong gust of wind from an afternoon thunderstorm toppled a tree near where a birthday party was being held. That tree came crashing down on three children. That also brings to light, just how safe are you and your home based on your current tree situation?

Most of us don't think of pruning trees or cutting back limbs until its too late. Now is the time to make a visual inspection of the trees that grow in your yard. Do any of them have branches that are hanging over your roof? You might want to get those trimmed.

Are there spots in the tree that looked diseased or rotten? That's another sure sign that you're going to need to do some trimming too.

While many of us can get out in our yard with a chainsaw and cut limbs off in a helter-skelter like fashion. It's important to remember that there is a real method for trimming trees. The cuts you make today will have an effect on how the tree grows, looks, and survives for years to come.

Our advice is to call a professional. These professional tree trimmers know what to look for and they have the proper tools, trained crew, and insurance to get the job done quickly and safely.

The time to trim trees is now, well ahead of the warm weather storm season. Don't wait for a tragedy to happen, especially when that tragedy can be prevented.


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