Louisiana Wildlife and Fisheries agents cited an Opelousas man for the alleged possession and release of invasive apple snails into his neighborhood pond.

LDWF said it received a call from a homeowner in the Townsouth Neighborhood in St. Landry Parish who believed the man released the snails into the pond. Upon investigation, agents found several egg bundles around the banks of the pond.

LSU AgCenter via YouTube
LSU AgCenter via YouTube

As a result of the investigation, 73-year-old Peter Nguyen was cited for the ownership and release of the apple snails.

What exactly are apple snails?

While considered delicacies in some regions of the world, in south Louisiana they are considered invasive. Their impact can be felt most harshly by crawfish farmers because they can clog up traps and force farmers to drain their ponds.

What is the penalty for possessing and releasing apple snails?

According to LDWF, the illegal possession of apple snails in Louisiana can bring up to a $50 fine while the illegal release of apple snails can bring a $400 to $950 fine and up to 120 days in jail.

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