It was an odd case of old fashioned crime meeting new-fangled technology in Opelousas last week. The biggest concern about this melding of two very different schools of thought is that it eventually involved, kids, guns, and crimes. The Opelousas Police Department is all about kids, but when you add crimes and guns, that's when they spring into action.

The OPD received a report following a break-in at one of their storage facilities that weapons that were taken in that break-in were to be used in a music video. Police Chief Martin Mclendon has seen that video. His department has also made arrests in association with the video.

Featured in the video are the stolen weapons which include assault-style rifles and handguns. The video also features an out of service police unit on city property.

Chief Mclendon says his department has made an arrest in connection with the case. One juvenile has been taken into custody and the others are being sought. Two of the weapons used in the video have also been recovered.

Opelousas Police ask that if you have any information concerning this crime or the individuals involved, that you please contact their office. Yes, you can remain anonymous.

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