Agents with the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries enforcement division have cited three men for illegal hunting activities that were alleged to have taken place in Iberia Parish. The crime in question involves hunting migratory game birds over a baited area.

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According to Louisiana law, it is illegal to "place, expose, deposit, distribute, or scatter shelled, shucked, or unshucked corn, wheat, or other grains, salt or other feeds so as to constitute for migratory birds a lure, attraction, or enticement to, on, or over, any areas where hunters are attempting to harvest game".

In the incident first reported on December 17, 2022, agents cited three men, Ricky Berthelot Sr, 52, Ricky Berthelot Jr., 31, and David Berthelot, 49, all from Bayou Pigeon, for hunting migratory game birds over a baited area. It should be noted that all three men should be presumed innocent until guilt is proven beyond a reasonable doubt.

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In issuing the citations agents from the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries set up a surveillance situation over a pond in the Atchafalaya Basin. According to LDWF, agents witnessed the three men arrive and then proceed to hunt over the baited area.

The men were cited and their cases were referred, as all migratory game bird cases are, to the United States Attorney's Office for prosecution in federal court. Depending on the specific circumstances surrounding the case each of the men could be facing fines of $400 to $950 or the possibility of 180 days in jail. 

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Joel Miller via

Agents from the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries also seized five wood ducks during their surveillance operation. Those ducks were donated to a local charity.

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