Drugs are for sick people. That is  something I have always told my kids. If you're sick, there are medicines out there that can help you. But those medicines need to be used properly and under the advice and care of a physician. Marijuana is considered a drug in the state of Louisiana. There are laws currently on the books that allow medical use of marijuana but a lot of loopholes regarding the distribution and regulation of it.

In this session of the legislature, changes to Louisiana's medical marijuana laws have been proposed. Some see it as a way to help those with certain medical issues deal with those issues under guidance and care of trained professionals. Others see these changes as a crack in the door toward to the full legalization of marijuana in the state.

A group of law enforcement professionals spoke out yesterday in Baton Rouge in opposition of Senator Fred Mills proposed changes in Louisiana's medical marijuana laws.

"We believe that the state going along a course of its own by legalizing medical marijuana lends itself to our citizens running afoul of the law,"

Those comments by Michael Ranatza, executive director of the Louisiana Sheriff's Association were reported to the Louisiana Radio Network. Charles Rex Scott, Louisiana District Attorney Association President and Caddo DA, said that their opposition to Senator Mills legislation was not intended to seem uncaring toward cancer patients or anyone else who is battling a horrible disease. Scott said,

"Marijuana is not a medicine, it is a drug,It is classified as Schedule I by the Food and Drug Administration and by the state of Louisiana. The reason for that is because there is a high incident of abuse."

Those were his concerns about allowing medical marijuana to become more openly available in our state. He went on to say Senate Bill 541 which would make medical marijuana legal, is not the answer to health problems.