Unrealistic body expectations, we all suffer from those. Even those of us who have put in the work to get in the best shape of our lives often wish we could improve at least aspect of our physical well being.

If you don't want to do the burpees and you aren't about to give up your boudin then there still could be hope for you to turn a few heads as you walk along the beach this summer. A Japanese website is now offering what is being described as "Optical Illusion Wet T-Shirts". 

Think of it like this, if you've ever been in a white t-shirt and gotten soaked then you know the thin cotton fabric leaves little to the imagination. With these t-shirts, the "imagination" is embedded in the t-shirt. The shading and subtle shaping of the shirt give the appearance of six-pack abs or busty chest covered by a tasteful but sexy bra of course.

If you're really confident in wanting to share your lie ladies can opt for a shirt that suggests the lack of a brassiere. For those over the top parents, you can also get the six pack abs shirt for your kids.

If you're interested a shirt like this would set you back about $36.00 in U.S. currency. I am sure you'd be paying more for shipping. But when you add up the cost of a gym membership, the cost of protein powder and months if not years doing crunches and pushups you can see there are benefits to be totally lazy and a total liar.

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