They say seeing is believing. Well "the Internet" is not believing what it is seeing in the latest viral video that's firing the fires of confusion around the world. The video in question, you can see it below, seems to show motorists on a bridge making a left turn to nowhere.

As you might imagine theories online ranged from portals to other dimensions to government conspiracies. There was even a mention or two about Hogwarts and Harry Potter. Obviously, none of those theories are anywhere close to the truth.

Here's what you're actually looking at in this video.

The "bridge" is actually not a bridge at all and the "river" isn't a river either. The part of the video that looks as if it could be a river is actually the roof a building, a parking garage to be specific. The motorists are turning into the parking garage. The structure that looks like a bridge railing is actually the edge of the parking garage roof.

So once again our eyes see one thing and our brain defines that vision as something totally different. What's even more amazing as how many people have spent a part of their day trying to figure out the mystery. I guess that's the real purpose of the Internet, to keep us entertained, off balance, and questioning everything.


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