It has got to be quite a conundrum for city officials to manage through coronavirus mitigation measures in a town that lives and dies by tourist dollars. Such is the case in Orange Beach Alabama. It's a popular vacation destination for many families from South Louisiana during the summer months. But, it's also a popular destination for Spring Breakers too.

Quelling and controlling the crowds of sunseekers who come to Orange Beach over Spring Break was addressed by the City of Orange Beach on Friday. The city announced it would be closing a portion of the Alabama State Beach at the Perdido Pass Bridge.

The beach near the foot of the bridge is a popular gathering spot for young people during spring break. They like to jump off the bridge's foundation into the water. And the beach allows for those who have gathered a seemingly never-ending boat parade of vessels sailing to and from the protected waters into the Gulf of Mexico. Basically, this beach is the place to see and be seen. That's why they're closing it.

By the way, if you do plan on visiting L.A., Lower Alabama, during spring break that many of the beaches do not permit alcohol on the beach, especially during spring break. Gulf Shores has banned alcohol for the past six years in an effort to quiet mischief among spring breakers, so far that maneuver has helped out a lot.

The bottom line that city officials in Orange Beach seem to be preaching is this. They want you to come and have a good time safely in their community. They want you to come to enjoy the beach. They also want you to remember your social distancing and coronavirus mitigation measures. Alabama does have a mask mandate but that is expected to expire when the Governor's next Safer at Home health order expires on April 9th.

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