Are you looking for a new job? Want to drive a 27-foot-long hot dog on wheels?

If you said yes to both of those questions, then have we got a job for you -- a Wienermobile driver.

Oscar Mayer is now officially accepting applications for its 2020 class of Wienermobile drivers -- aka "Hotdoggers" -- to drive the highways and byways of America, acting as "brand spokesperson" for the famous brand.

"We're eager to see who will cut the mustard in 2020 and travel the country on behalf of the Oscar Mayer brand," said Matt Riezman, the associate director of Oscar Mayer.

“With 33 years under our belt, the Hotdogger job continues to be a highly coveted position,” he added. “If you’re ready to celebrate our love of meats, drive miles of smiles nationwide and provide fans with an unforgettable Wienermobile experience, send us your resume!”

During last year's application period, Oscar Mayer received some 7,000 applications but only hired 12 people. Or as the company claims: "It was easier to get into an Ivy League university [in 2019] than to get into the Oscar Mayer brand’s 32nd class of Hotdoggers.”

If you're lucky enough to be hired, the job promises a competitive salary, benefits, paid expenses, and "team apparel," along with the opportunity to be a "mini-celebrity" in small towns and big cities through event appearances and media interviews.

For the lucky 12 hirees, starting at "Hot Dog High" starts in June, where they'll learn how to "become an expert in hot dog puns" and drive the Wienermobile. (Just be ready to hear things like "cut the mustard" about 18 times an hour.)

Applications are being accepted now through January 31. Information regarding sending in your application can be found here.

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