The City of Carencro Government let community members know of a repair project that is underway in a troublesome parking lot of a local business. That damaged lot has caused issues for drivers for months, but after a thoughtful decision by Mayor Brasseaux and clear communication with the community it seems as though the taxpayers are happy with the decision made by their elected officials.

See the initial post regarding the parking lot situation from the City of Carencro Government Facebook page below.

As the post explains, the parking lot located in front of the Dollar Tree in Carencro has wreaked havoc on drivers in the area for months. Many have been frustrated by the mess and the City of Carencro Government has apparently been working on a resolution for the problem for quite some time.

Carencro Community Members Concerned

Of course, using taxpayer dollars for a project involving a private parking lot brought up some red flags.

Some community members voiced their concerns in the comment section of the post. See what one Facebook user had to say, plus the response from the City of Carencro Government below.


The City of Carencro Government understood the concerns brought up and admitted that they struggled with the decision for the very same reasons cited. But with the parking lot posing a threat to first responders, the threat to public safety was evident enough for the City to make their decision.

Other community members were curious as to efforts the local government entity made in regards to resolving the problem before opting to use taxpayer dollars. See the efforts explained by the City of Carencro Government page below.


Carencro Taxpayers Seemingly Happy

After the City of Carencro Government provided all of the details of their decision, an abundance of appreciation flowed into the comments from members of the community who were clearly over the troublesome parking lot.


Let's be frank - crappy parking lots and roads suck. We unfortunately deal with that problem all around Acadiana. It is never an enjoyable experience to end up with a flat tire or screwed up bumper all because the surface you were driving on wasn't up to snuff.

But, the City of Carencro Government recognized a problem and went through all of the proper channels to find a solution. While doing this, they were transparent with members of the community who had more than reasonable concerns.

Google Maps
Google Maps

Growing up in Carencro, I'll be the first to tell you there is always work to be done to make the city a better place to live. But, since moving away from my hometown I have always known one thing - the people in Carencro are all about progress and doing the right thing.

While a seemingly simple issue such as a cratered parking lot may be small potatoes compared to other issues cities around Acadiana face, it is a real issue that members of the community were frustrated about.

So, Mayor Glenn Brasseaux did something about it. Kudos to you and here's to progress!

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