Patty in the Parc, presented by Corona Premiere and 360 Vodka, is scheduled for tonight at Parc International rain or shine and, by the looks of things, it won't be rain!

If yesterday was any indication of how the weather will be for Patty in the Parc tonight, things will be great! While these showers move through early today, conditions are favorable for a rain-free evening (rain chances, according to KATC TV3, gradually drop from 40% this afternoon to only 20% by 9pm). According to KATC's Futurecast predictions, rain will be well north of Lafayette by 6pm, and rain chances don't increase again until after 3am tomorrow!

We still have a limited number of tickets for Patty in the Parc on until 6 pm or until they’re sold out. We’ve also got a limited amount left at Legends (Annex location downtown only) until 4 pm or until they’re sold out. We will have tickets at the Gate while they last (all tickets at this time are $20).

photo by Ryan Baniewicz

Proper planning is a key factor in safety: if you plan to drink, plan to have a designated driver - whether it be a friend/family member or a trusty Uber driver, HAVE A PLAN! If you bring a designated driver with you, ARDCO Equipment will have a Designated Driver Booth set up with free, non-alcoholic beverages for the DD.

For those who will be drinking, fetchin' a beer just got a lot easier with Waitr! They will be walking around with ice cold beer so you won't have to move from your spot to get a fresh one!

Romacelli will have plenty of food for sale, so come hungry - from pizza to pasta to burgers and dogs, Romacelli will have it there for you.

photo by Ryan Baniewicz

And to commemorate the night with your friends, or to make your friends who couldn't make it to Patty in the Parc green with envy, Orange Theory Fitness will have a photo booth set up for you to take home a keepsake photo, FREE!


Patty in the Parc has been gaining in popularity over the course of its existence, so more and more people have been showing up which, as you can imagine, grabs the attention of the fire marshal. Parc International DOES have a "maximum capacity" that we can't exceed: later in the evening we may be ordered to implement the "one out, one in" rule, so get there early!
Plan for a designated driver, throw on some green, grab some friends and head Downtown for Patty in the Parc. Be ready to catch some t-shirts and then party it up with the Chee-Weez, Hwy 90, and the Gin Blossoms!
Patty In The Parc