If you are a pet lover, and have struggled with a new puppy for the first days or weeks of ownership, then this is for you!.

We all know that it takes time to settle in with a new puppy or kitten, and it's not always easy. Some companies have decided to give paid time off when employees adopt a new furry family member. According to research from PetPlan, about 5% of owners actually have been offered paid leave to take car of their new fur baby. And some companies even give time off for bereavement as well. Showing empathy for family matters concerning pets seems like a pretty cool thing to me. Below are some of the corporations who agree, and have 'paw-ternity' time available for staff.

  • Mars Petcare - offers 10 hours of paid time off, and after that they can bring their pet in to work
  • Mparticle - the data platform provider offers 2 weeks paid leave if a rescue is adopted into your family. And maternity leave is for both dads and moms of fur babies
  • BitSol Solutions - a full week of paid leave when employees get a new pet
  • BrewDog - the Scottish brewing company 'just loves dogs' and offers a whole week of paid vacay with your new furry family member

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