You ever seen one of those contests at the fair where contestants have to try to catch a greased pig? No? Then you're in luck. It kind of happened in real life earlier this week in Pensacola, Florida.

The Pensacola Police Department shared the details of a call they received on Tuesday morning, complete with photographic documentation.

It seems they got dispatched during the night about something running around unleashed in the downtown area. They didn't know if it was a dog or wolf or perhaps a Chupacabra.

When the sunlight hit, they were able to determine it was none of the above, but rather a pig. A little pet couchon apparently didn't want to return home so the police force was taxed with trying to capture the little home deserter.

The pictures below are from the Pensacola Police Department's Facebook page as captured by photographer Tony Giberson of the Pensacola News Journal.

And here are a few more hilarious pictures shared on Facebook by someone else.

You got to give props to these officers for fighting till this little piggy went all the way home.

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