The news has been grim recently, with thousands of people losing their livelihood during the COVID-19 crisis. And people aren't the only ones in need right now. Pets need to eat, too. And when your owner loses their job, that can quickly become a crisis.

The Pet Food Pantry, which is a division of FoodNet Food Bank, is asking for our help. They are in desperate need of pet food, and at this time, specifically, dry cat food. Donations can be dropped off at 200 W. University in Lafayette, or can also be be made through Amazon. You can also email, or call 337-235-6436 for more information. Their Facebook page states their mission below.

'The Pet Food Pantry started in 2016 after we became aware that people in our community were surrendering their pets because they didn't have food to feed. With out the wonderful partners of FoodNet Food Bank, SpayNation and Acadiana Animal Aid the Pantry could not help the people of Acadiana feed their pets.'



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