If you're like most people in America, you've never seen a Dik-dik in person and maybe never in photos either. Let's have a look at Dik-diks.

First of all, a Dik-dik is a name given to a tiny antelope. There are four species and all live in easter and southern Africa.

Dik-diks are about 15.5 inches tall at adulthood and usually grow as long as 27.5 inches. They live in the bushlands of eastern and southern Africa. Both males and females make a loud, high-frequency whistling sound.

Only the males have horns. Dik-diks upper bodies are grayish brown, the rest tan. They have elongated snouts and their eyes produce a sticky secretion that helps these animals mark their territories.

A Dik-dik's diet consists of foliage, shoots, fruit and berries. They don't have to drink much water. They get enough water from the foods they eat.

Dik-diks are monogamous. Females are sexually mature at six months of age, males at 12 months. Females deliver offspring up to twice per year.

Unsolicited Dik-Diks

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