If you are a customer of the Plaisance Water System in St. Landry Parish you need to be making plans for later today. Those plans should include water or should I say a lack of water service for about four or five hours.

The Plaisance Water System has announced there will be an interruption in service today beginning at approximately 10 am. The reason for the interruption is so that crews can make needed repairs to a main water line in the system. Water System officials overseeing the repair estimate that water service will be down for about four to five hours.

Assuming the repairs go off without incident and water service is restored by early this afternoon customers of the Plaisance Water System won't be quite out of the woods just yet. A boil advisory is already posted for the water system. It will take effect as soon as the water service is restored.

The boil advisory will likely be in effect for at least 24 hours. It depends on how long it will take the Louisiana Department of Health to certify that the repairs to the broken line were made correctly and that the water in the system has been verified safe.


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