Well if the picture featured here with this story isn't enough to persuade you to give up the planking craze then I don't know what will. I guess if people getting killed while planking isn't enough to slow folks down, it's going to take drastic measures like this to reign it in.

To me planking appears to be nothing more than just laying down. As someone who wakes up at one in the morning I can appreciate that. I know it's just a fad, a phase, a monkey-see-monkey-do, look at me moment in time. I am sure by this time next year planking will be spoken in the past tense like so many other great fads of yesteryear.

As a child of the 80's we could talk about MC Hammer Pants and Members Only jackets but lets talk more about the stupid, okay the more stupid fads that we have seen come and go.

Last year it was the little elastic rubber band things all the kids had to have, Crazy Bands? Do you remember them? I have a desk in my house that probably has enough Pokeman cards to fill the spokes of ten thousand bicycles. For you younger readers, putting cards in the spokes of the wheels of your bicycle was great fun. That was back in the day when we had imagination and actually rode bicycles outside instead of on the Wii .

I can tell you the shoes of a thousand Polly Pockets have clogged at least three vacuum cleaners I have owned too.

Now I am victim to the fads and the products needed to pursue them. I don't want to cause nausea but I have done streaking and I owned a pet rock. My favorite line about the pet rock,"The Pet Rock, it makes a lousy best friend, but it's pretty good in a fight".

I guess if you're a planker and you enjoy doing it, more power to you, just remember those pictures are going to last forever. Just ask anyone who ever sported a mullet in their high school year book, or any mother of two that has to explain a tramp stamp to her children.

I suppose it's your life and it should be lived in such a way that makes you happy. If planking makes you smile I will support you, just please no planking on others with out proper protection and no more planking with  Richard Simmons.