I wonder what the psychology behind a fad really is. Is it we buy or procure things that have suddenly become popular because we actually need them or do, we procure those things because our fragile ego tells our brains that we simply have to have those items because people we know and think are popular have them?

I think in the case of most fads, it is the latter and not the former that drives us to part with our hard-earned money to have the latest and greatest thing that every other member of societal peer group seems to have.  

I personally don’t go in for fads. That doesn’t mean that I don’t own items that were once considered to be a part of the fad. I have had Crocs, I know about Clackers, and I even remember the Slap Bracelets.

But those fads were from a different time and place. Those were the fads of my youth. Somehow, I think the fads of today won’t mean as much to me as they will to a true kid of the 2000s. 

I think if you were five-year-old or so at the turn of the century then you’ll fall right into line with some of these unique situations I am about to describe. Some of you may still be participating in some of these endeavors or might still own the clothes required. If you do, then good for you.  

Then again you might be really embarrassed that these things, these uncomfortable truths of your past, had to be brought up again.  You might think seeing them again would make you feel old. They won’t it’s the kids that are still playing along with them that make you feel old.  

I guess every generation has its “thing” the 50s had stuffing phone booths. The 60s had free love and rampant drug use. The 70s offered bad hair and disco music. The 80s brought about the influx of big hair, parachute pants, and some really good tunes.

The 90s, well the 90s were simply the launching pad for the information superhighway or world wide web. Everything changed in the 90s. Then everything changed really quickly following the big internet explosion that took us off dial-up and put us on DSL, Fiber, and high-speed broadband connections.  

But the faster the web got, the stranger our fads and foibles seemed to get. Are you ready? Here they come 

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