Every now and then something happens on social media that doesn't turn out to be a total waste of time and energy. We've had some good ones, like the Ice Bucket Challenge, that social media-fueled frenzy is literally changing the lives of thousands of people who suffer from ALS. Heck, even Joe Burrow got in on the deal.


Then there are some social media "trends" that just don't make a lot of sense to anyone.

Yeah, I never understood the spilling of milk you didn't pay for in the middle of a grocery store. That's not a fad, that's a crime. But we show that to you to prove a point. For all the not so good on social media sites there are just as many really good ideas,  you just have to be willing to explore a little.

One of the latest trends is called Plogging.  If you're not familiar with the "trend" what do you think it involves? Well, by the headline on this narrative you know it involves exercise and outdoors, but what exactly is the practice of "plogging" and why do we hope so many people will want to get involved with it?

Plogging comes to the United States from Sweden where it is known as "plocka upp" which in Swedish means to "pick up". Yeah, I had to look it up, I don't speak Swedish but I do like the idea they came up with.

Plocka Upp or Plogging is simply the practice of picking up trash while you are on your daily, bi-weekly, monthly, yearly, jog through the neighborhood. So in addition to your matching training gear and overpriced running shoes, you'll want to take a plastic bag along with you too.

Supporters of plogging say not only are you helping to clean up trash and litter from around your town or neighborhood. But, the action of bending down to pick up trash adds a little more "ummph" to your run. It also allows you a reason to slow down and enjoy the time outdoors. which your body needs especially during the winter months when we don't get as much outside time.

David McNewty, GettyImages

90% of Americans believe litter is a major issue in the state in which they live. So, if 90% of joggers, walkers, or outdoor enthusiasts picked up a bag of trash during their run or routine, just think of how clean our parks, neighborhoods, cities, and sidewalks would be.

Next time you feel the need to move, why not try plogging, it could make your Parish Proud, which is another great litter initiative in South Louisiana.

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