I have to admit the small and brightly colored squishy packet in my laundry room would look just as much at home in the bowl of left over Halloween candy we have in the kitchen. The difference? The candy is for eating, the squishy packet is laundry detergent. It is not safe for you or I to eat and it can be especially  dangerous to little ones who might not understand what they are about to put in their mouths.


I understand the need to make products more user friendly and convenient. I even get the reason for the bright colors. I also understand that this combination of convenience and colors could make for deadly consequences in homes with small children.

Louisiana's  Poison Control Center has issued a warning to parents concerning these detergent pods. To little eyes these powerful cleaning concoctions look an awful lot like tasty treats.

Director of Louisiana Poison Control Mark Ryan explained some of the consequences of a child ingesting one of these detergent packets. The cleaning chemicals can depress the central nervous system causing children to become lethargic, some even develop respiratory problems.

Parents are cautioned to use these products safely and to make sure that the cleaning pods are kept out of reach from the little ones. Should you suspect your child may have ingested chemicals from one of these pods or any substance that could cause them harm call poison control immediately. That number is 1-800-222-1222.


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