The Iota Police Dept. has posted a strong and serious warning to the students of Iota High School responsible for a rash possible Homecoming pranks. If you keep at it, they are going to arrest you.

We all know about Homecoming week pranks. Usually done in good fun, but sometimes, the pranking can cross the line and become criminal activity. As mentioned in the police department's Facebook post, stop signs were wrapped in cellophane, and the police dept was vandalized.

ATTENTION: This is the will be the ONLY WARNING the students of Iota High School will receive, so make sure you share this post. Last night individuals (possibly students pranking for Home Coming) took Saran Wrap around some stop signs completely blocking traffic around 10:00 p.m AT 2 intersections. You now have stepped over the line from prank to CRIMINAL ACTIVITY. If ANYONE is caught you will be arrested and if age appropriate booked into the ACADIA PARISH JAIL. Also, the individuals who thought vandalizing the police department building was funny, if we find out who you are you will also if age appropriate be booked into ACADIA PARISH JAIL.

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