Authorities in Wyoming County, Pennsylvania responded to a call Sunday after a father and his child thought they found a body in a creek.

WBRE reports that when the father and child went down into a creek and they found a black plastic bag with a “lifelike” human foot sticking out from it.

Police say in the report that the foot had a lot of detail to it, including a certain type of pedicure.

Inside Germany's First Sex Doll Brothel
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Well, once authorities made their way into the creek to retrieve the bag, where they thought a body was located, they discovered that the foot protruding from the bag was that of a sex doll.

A large police presence was spotted at the scene where the doll was found as local authorities thought that they may have been working a homicide.

Now, to be fair, some of these types of dolls are very "human-like," thus I can see why someone may mistake a foot sticking out of a bag, while in a creek.

All in all, we're just glad that this father and his child did not stumble upon a dead body, but the dad may have some explaining to do to his child.


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