There are some foods that I don't buy, don't cook and don't eat for one very simple reason. I have no idea how to eat them or cook them. The buying part I can figure out but I don't like spending money on food just to watch it rot.

I don't buy crabs because I have no idea how to cook them or eat them. I know, you are very disappointed in me. I don't like foods that require more work to eat than they do to prepare. In the case of crabs that seems to be an equal amount of frustration. I do love crab meat. If someone has done the cooking and the cleaning I will certainly help with the eating.

This leads me to pomegranates. They are very plentiful in grocery stores this time of year and I like the way they taste. The juice is supposed to be very healthy for you too. I never buy pomegranates because they turn everything I own red. My hands, my kitchen counter, my shirt; they all get stained with the juice. Who knew there was a quick and easy way to get to the goodness of a pomegranate and not look like you were in a knife fight.

Here is a simple home style video of the process of pomegranate peeling and eating at its finest. If you want to make a similar video to show me how to cook and eat crabs I would be honored to watch and learn from your wisdom. We might even feature you on the website.


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