I know this isn't the most tasteful of subjects to discuss but based upon the conversations I hear around the office and the commercials I see on TV, pooping is a big deal. For guys it doesn't seem to be as much as a health issue as it is a sport.

For women the ability or inability to relieve ones digestive system is a huge consequence. There are yogurts and fiber pills and chocolate candy laxatives all designed to help a woman's gentle system when she is constipated.

Who knew one of the major reasons we have trouble going number two is the way we were taught to do it as kids. Don't understand my point? Check out this informative video from Stanford University. They should know they have been spewing out material like this for years. I must admit this is the method they use in Europe in the public bathrooms. There is no toilet. There is simply a hole and two handle bars to keep you from falling in. I can't say this method works better or worse than the the American way because I was way to shy to give the European method a try.