You can tell a lot about a radio or TV station's audience just by the advertisements. Advertising specialist spend a lot of time researching the audiences of media outlets to make sure the commercials they place on those outlets are targeted to the right audience. That makes great sense, what doesn't make great sense sometimes is the commercials themselves.

If you watch TV then you know that every woman in America is constipated. That's why there are so many commercials about eating yogurt and staying regular. You would also summarize that everyone has a group of friends made up of a completely racially diverse make up.

Maybe it's time somebody did a commercial that spoke to this fallacy that we the people are all about all people and cultures. And we need to make sure we do something for our constipation. This video made me laugh out loud. It's too funny because it's so true of our mind numbing desire in advertising to make us all the same. Laugh, enjoy, be offended if you like.