This is a tribute. I am not sure if it is a tribute to American ingenuity or a tribute to just what a bunch of lazy butts we have become in this country. When you are to lazy to reach your hand into the bag to grab a kernel of popcorn you might as well give up the will to live. This new device is sure to make the Honey Boo Boo's of the world even more plump and unhealthy.

The Popinator is a device that lets users simply utter the word "pop" and it then shoots a kernel of popped corn in the direction from which the sound came. This would come in handy if you happened to be in an iron lung and wanted popcorn, were restrained by the authorities and wanted popcorn or if you being sat upon by a wildebeest and wanted popcorn.

In other words this great technology has no practical use. Therefore millions of Americans will buy it! I applaud the inventors; you have done what every entrepreneur strives to do. You have made our country a better place while making it less productive. I will see you in the upcoming Chinese language class we will all need to take once the Chinese take over.

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