Louisiana is home to several creative communities. There is a thriving arts scene in Arnaudville. We're all aware of the amazing music that's being made in cities such as New Orleans and Lafayette. In Baton Rouge innovations in high-tech, sports performance, and agriculture are being vetted for expanded use throughout the country.  And somewhere, maybe even at your house, a Louisiana entrepreneur has come up with "the next big idea".

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If you're that entrepreneur who has either invented or created a new consumer product that you'd love to be able to sell off the shelves of Walmart Stores across the country have we got an opportunity for you? I would say we do.

Walmart is hosting its 11th Annual Open Call. The event allows entrepreneurs and those with an eye on expanding and growing their businesses the chance to put their products on display in front of the top minds of the nation's largest retailer. The Open Call is part of Walmart's business plan to invest $350 million or more in items that are grown, made, or assembled in the United States.

Sebastian Herrmann via Unsplash.com
Sebastian Herrmann via Unsplash.com

If you'd like to participate the first thing you'll want to know is that your product needs to be "shelf ready". In other words, you have the product ready to be sold and you might even be selling it already. But if your product is chosen by Walmart you could suddenly find your idea being sold at hundreds of Walmart locations across the country. You'll also have access to Walmart's incredible distribution network.

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This could be the springboard that launches your backyard or garage business or idea into the stratosphere. It seems like a great opportunity for a Louisiana entrepreneur with bigger dreams and a better plan. If you'd like to be considered for the Open Call you'll need to submit an application here. 

Those who are chosen will be notified sometime during the week of August 20th. You'll then be invited to present your product at Walmart headquarters in Bentonville Arkansas on September 24th and 25th. The deadline to submit an entry for the Open Call is fast approaching though. You'll need to have that done by July 15th.

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