Popeyes Chicken is a staple here in south Louisiana. There's one on every block and we just recently closed the last remaining buffet-style Popeyes right here in Lafayette.  Meg thee Stallion has her own sauce there, and do you remember the very long lines to get a Spicy Chicken Sandwich when they first came out? It's all love at Popeyes.

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Just because we love Popeyes doesn't mean everyone does, including those living in London. The first Popeyes was opened recently across the pond...and it seems that the food is a bit too much for them.

Now, I had to take a moment to think about this one and let it settle in my brain. Being from Louisiana, I am used to spicy and hot food. I wouldn't classify Popeyes as being spicy, but not everyone has the same palette as us here in south Louisiana. London isn't widely known for spicy food. You don't think of burning mouth and tears from the open sinuses when you think of the land of the Queen.

But some of these tweets about the spice at the Popeye's across the pond...I cackled.

I'll concede to red curry being spicy...but ketchup? What kind of ketchup are they eating in London? I also love that he said that the heat was turned up to an 11 on the Popeyes Chicken Sandwich...when it doesn't even crack 5 to most of us here in the south.

They do eat some mad weird food in London, and in the United Kingdom in general. Beans and toast? Steak and kidney pie? They call french fries 'chips'? Again, they probably think the stuff that we eat is equally weird. It's a long-standing argument between the Brits and the Americans.

History has spoken. I'm still stuck on the fact that they think ketchup is spicy. After all that traveling and conquering...

The internet is wild over this right now. I would love to see Londoners eat some extra spicy crawfish, although I'm afraid they might spontaneously combust if they're spazzing over a Popeyes Chicken Sandwich.

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