Multiple employees have been terminated from a Popeyes restaurant in Scott after a video showing mischievous action went viral on Facebook.

Keanna Lewis uploaded the clip to Facebook showing a screengrab of a Snapchat video from a user by the name of Myleigh. The video starts with a geo-tagged snap recorded in Scott, LA and showed a Popeyes employee allegedly pouring extra pepper into what looks like a mayonnaise-based sauce while others could be heard laughing in the background.

It very well may be the spicy mayo used on the popular new Popeyes chicken sandwich; a menu item that has been extra hyped up this week causing cars and people to form lines at the popular fast-food chain. You can hear someone on camera say "this gon' make they f***** a**** stay home."

The video goes on to show more shenanigans behind the scenes of the Popeyes restaurant, and when our KPEL news team reached out to the location in Scott, the manager said she was aware of the video and all employees were immediately terminated.

Will the hype behind the #ChickenSandwichWars die down this week? Many Popeyes locations in Acadiana have run out of the new chicken sandwich due to the incredible demand, so it seems like it may still be a hot topic as long as the demand is this high.

While the hype over a chicken sandwich is fun, it's definitely nothing worth getting fired over.

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