Port Arther Mayor Thurman Bartie is not sugar coating the severity of Hurricane Laura.

Bartie warned residents of Port Arthur to bring necessities with them for "five to six days" whether they were evacuating on their own or taking buses out of town. He urged residents to act quickly as he addressed them from the Port Arthur Police Department yesterday morning, shortly after the city's mandatory evacuation order went into effect.

His message was very clear.

Bartie's message is a blunt one, but with the storm approaching that type of messaging could be the difference between life and death, so hopefully, anyone who may have been on the fence about evacuating is now safely making their way out of town. He made it more than clear that emergency services will not be put in harm's way because someone made a conscious decision to ignore the warnings.

What we cannot do, and as mayor what I will not do, is put any of these people in harm’s way just because of a person deciding they weren’t going to leave and they’re going to ride it out. I have no problem with that. Just know it’s going to be between you and God.

Let Mayor Bartie's message be a reminder to be safe and make sure you and your family are prepared for Hurricane Laura.

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