Hey! Want something new to worry about? I know you don't and at this juncture, the information we're presenting to you is subject to change greatly over time. Still, we all know you can't beat a hurricane you can only hope to be as prepared for it as you can be, right?

I started noticing a few respected meteorologists I follow on social media offering hints that the beginning of Hurricane Season next week could actually include a tropical system forming in the Gulf of Mexico.

Yeah, usually when Jim Cantore is talking about a tropical weather event it's worth paying attention to.

The latest European Weather Model run does seem to indicate the potential of a low-pressure system forming in the Bay of Campeche over the weekend or early next week. That system, should it form, is expected to drift northward over the warming waters of the Gulf of Mexico by mid-week.

Should all of those atmospheric variables come into play you and I might not be talking about coronavirus nearly as much by next Wednesday or Thursday. Regardless, this is a wait and see the situation and there is nothing imminent that should cause you or your family to rethink your plans, at least for the next several days.

Meanwhile, we'll continue to keep up with Cantore on the Weather Channel and locally we've got one of the most respected tropical weather experts in the country in Rob Perillo that we can lean on too. We just didn't want you to be surprised by this because we know you hate surprises, especially ones that can put you and your family in harm's way.


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