How high will gas prices get? The pain at the pump right now is real, and some protesters' methods of voicing their discontent could actually result in fines for the gas station.

Biden I Did That Stickers
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President Biden 'I Did That' Stickers On Gas Pumps

As gas prices continue to rise, Acadiana gas stations, and gas stations around the country, are reporting finding President Biden stickers that say "I Did That" pointing at the price per gallon stuck on their pumps.

One gas Alabama station employee tells he's had to remove as many as five stickers a day from their gas pumps.

Other stickers are also showing up on pumps of Donald Trump pointing to the price per gallon saying "Biden Did That" as well as Vice President Kama Harris stickers that say "I Helped".

Perry Cagle, manager of an Exxon in Athens, Alabama tells he and his staff are having to remove five to six stickers a day from various pumps at the station.

Cagle tells -

"Joe Biden doesn't own this station and he's not going to come by and fill up his tank and see that sticker and say 'oh man I should've lowered gas prices today!

The point of the matter is it's causing issues for us because we get points taken off if our corporate comes by and does inspections they do."

Where Are People Buying President Biden 'I Did It' Stickers?

Turns out Etsy user MichiganSignShop is making and selling the "I Did That" stickers, and moving them like hotcakes.

For $15 you can get a 16 variety pack of the "I Did That" and "I Helped" stickers.

If you're interested, check them out HERE.

However, please don't stick them on gas pumps around Acadiana. The last thing we want is for any gas stations to get fined.


Kamala Harris I Helped Stickers
MichiganSignShop Via Etsy

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