I can just hear all the beats and the buzz all the chatter about Hope and Change and Yes we Can and wait..Wrong President. Sorry I was confused, it's not the President of these United States that is considering a rap album it is the President of Uganda that is headed to the studio in an effort to bring his message to the youth of his nation. I am sure his well crafted rhymes will hit the rhythmic heart of the youth of Uganda and help bridge the gap between generations. Nothing says good times like hearing a 67 year old man try to be 18! I for one can wait a long time until I hear this creation for two reasons. I don't speak Ugandan and if I did I sure wouldn't want to hear Ugandan rap, well any rap for that matter.

"Today these young people taught me about this 'rap'. I was not following what they were saying. Well, I can even give you some rap myself," he says, before launching into a rhythmic rendition of the chants in his distinctive gravelly voice.

Okay I am wrong, I should learn to be tolerant of all styles of music. I should but I won't be

(via Ugandan president says may release rap album | Reuters.)

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