Based on observation of those politically in the know the question of legalized marijuana for medical and recreational use is about to be one that will be asked in the legislature for the next several years. The past several years have seen the tide turning toward a more favorable view of marijuana. However, the opposition to legalized pot still has the high ground, pardon the pun.

A pro-marijuana group is mounting an advertising campaign ahead of legislative vote on the issue. In particular the expansion of medical marijuana use.  The group is painting the pro-pot movement as "regular people" and the anti-pot position as one of big government controlled by lobbyist.

At the end of the day we are not a powerful, political lobbying juggernaut like the opposition is. We need you, a regular person who cares about other regular people such as yourselves.

Those are the words of Jacob Irving, a spokesperson for the Sensible Marijuana Policy for Louisiana group. His comments to the Louisiana Radio Network echo the David vs Goliath mentality of the pro-pot movement.

Meanwhile the Louisiana Sheriff's Association is vehemently opposed to legalizing pot, especially for recreational use.  They are also not very comfortable with the idea of expanding the uses for medical marijuana either. Their position is the expanding of medical marijuana uses will make the process for legislation to support recreational marijuana use more likely.

Those who live in the Baton  Rouge and Shreveport areas will notice pro-pot billboard advertising going up in their towns first. The hope is that people who support the expansion of medical marijuana use will phone their legislators and express their opinion. The full House of Representatives is expected to begin debate on medical marijuana use during their session today.