A change in the way litter is perceived and defined across the State of Louisiana now awaits a signature from Governor Bobby Jindal.

Patrick Connick, Representative from Marrero, authored legislation that would make penalties higher for cigarette smokers who flick their butts on to the streets, sidewalks and green spaces of our state.

The legislation, if signed by Governor Jindal, would increase fines for dropping cigarette butts on the ground from $250 to $300 and include a provision for community service. Cigarette butts are the most common form of litter in Louisiana and across the country. Curbing the habit of flicking a cigarette butt out the window of a vehicle would go a long way in keeping our state litter free.

Sarah Kelley, who is a Program Services and Affiliates Coordinator for Keep America Beautiful tells the Louisiana Radio Network that the attention this legislation has generated has been beneficial to their cause.

"We love that everyone is talking about it because, I mean, litter doesn't always make the front page.  But it is a very important issue for us, for the next generation."

Kelley went on to explain that while having a law on the books would be great, it's the enforcement of that law that will be the most important issue. The bill is currently awaiting the signature of the Governor before it will become law.


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