I subscribe to the ideology that if you can give a gift that you've made with your own hands and your own time it is valued more than a gift of something that can be purchased at a store. I know none of us have loads of free time so the hand made gifts go to only a special few.

I love giving gifts of food. One of my favorite things to make are Oreo Balls. They are sinfully good and will probably kill you. Since I wanted my friends and family to live I aimed the question at our own studio chef, Jill McCoy.

What could I make and give as a holiday gift that is easy to make, tastes delicious, and travels and stores well? The answer I got back was astonishingly simple. It kept with the theme of the holidays. It used one of my favorite products. It also could be wrapped in decorative plastic wrap, stored for a little while, and then given as a very tasty gift.

I love love love a good dense dessert bread. This pumpkin bread is that stuff. Goodness knows you won't have any problems locating pumpkin either in the can or in the produce section of your favorite market. The combination of ingredients not only goes together quite easily you'll get the added bonus of your kitchen and most of your house smelling like heaven for several days.

Nutella is a product we've mentioned before. It's a favorite with its nutty chocolaty goodness. The fact that the Nutella is melted and then drizzled on the bread gives each bite and chocolate burst combined with the spices of the pumpkin bread.

This is a gift that your whole family can participate in making. It's easy to do and even more fun to give and in the Spirit of Christmas giving a little more of  ourselves to the ones that we love is the greatest gift of all.


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